Master's Graduation Ceremony Held in XISU

2010-07-02 17:30:10 Authors:root

The master’s graduation ceremony of Xi’an International Studies University (XISU) was held on June 24, 2010. The ceremony was chaired by Yang Xiaozhong, vice dean of the Graduate School.


Professor Wang Ying declared the master’s degree conferred to 285 students. Professor Dang Zhengsheng, dean of the Graduate School, congratulated the students in his speech on their successful graduation. Qu Ao, a student majoring in Comparative Literature, and Zhao Ping, an academic advisor from the School of Oriental Languages and Literature, made their speeches as representatives.


Professor Hu Sishe, president of XISU, addressed the ceremony. He expressed his gladness to share the students’ success on the important occasion. He suggested that the past three years during the graduate program is valuable and unforgettable since it endowed the students with professional knowledge and research competence. He encouraged the students to make unremitting efforts to improve themselves in the future.


After the ceremony, Professor Hu took photos with each of the students.


(Edited by Zhang Xu)

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