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Academic Administration is closely involved in the first contact with students and serves to ensure the effective accomplishment of the academic mission of the university. Academic administrators work to coordinate academic assessment, planning, programming, and scheduling, with deans, chairs and other academic leaders on and off campus including our accrediting bodies. Academic Administration also oversees programs and policies that deal with students' academic programs.

Service Scope:

          Curriculum Management: includes the arrangement, maintenance, and quality evaluation of courses throughout the university;

          Maintenance and Management of Students’ Records

          Management of Scholarships and degrees: includes granting of scholarships, conferring of certificates and degrees;

          Management of Teaching Resources: includes reservation and management of textbooks, operation of online teaching, arrangement of academic lectures and speeches, organization and management of internal and external academic competitions for both students and teaching staff;

         Development of Academic Disciplines: includes management and supervision of ongoing disciplines, development of new disciplines, organization and management of academic research in regard of teaching reform.




Contact Us:

Provost: Li Xueru
Associate provost: Xin Zimu


Location: A105, Administrative Building, Chang’an Campus, Xi’an International Studies University

TEL+86-29-85319224   E-mail: jwc@xisu.edu.cn

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