Interview with Dr. Hu Sishe

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“Establishing a mechanism for training innovative talents should be integral to the country's longer-range educational initiative.”


When asked about his opinion on the draft version of China Longer-Range Educational Reform and Development Program, Dr. Hu Sishe, president of Xi’an International Studies University and deputy to the National People’s Congress, voiced his ideas about training innovative talents and meeting the educational needs of the students. He made the remarks on March 4, 2010 when attending the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th National People’s Congress.

Traditionally, people think that innovative talents reside excusively with the technology-intensive field, while Dr. Hu said that training of innovative talents, those who are able to identify, analyze and solve problems from different perspectives, should be priortized in different fields and at various educational levels.


In his opinion, many problems in education today are due to the fact that the current educational system, which focuses mainly on the delivery and imparting of  knowledge, no longer lives up to the  expectations of the general public.


According to him, allowing institutions of higher education to practice independent admission can, to some extent, ensure that they will be able to have the kinds of talents they want. And only with this can equality and fairness can be achieved.


To tackle some students’ difficulty in adapting to life in university or workplace, Dr. Hu believed it a must for educators to devote more effort to psychological education.


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(Edited by Sun Xiaoya)


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