Interview with Dr. Hao Yu

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Competition in the Xi’an subdivision of the College Debate on World Expo 2010 has recently started. On April 15th, Xi’an Education Television, entrusted by China Education Television, had an exclusive interview with Dr. Hao Yu, Chair of the Party Committee of XISU about China National Longer- range Educational Reform and Development Program as well as the general development of the university.


During the interview, Dr. Hao gave a brief introduction to the development and achievements in education and research of XISU. He also spoke highly of the National Longer-range Educational Reform and Development Program as the valuable results of China’s educational development during the past thirty-odd years as well as a blueprint for that in the forthcoming ten or more years, which will surely be an important impetus for the all-round economic and social development of China.


On talking of the Shanghai World Expo, which will open in less than a month’s time, Dr. Hao told the reporter that this grand event has been attracting keen attention from teachers and students alike in XISU. What’s more, twenty-one students here will go to Shanghai to serve as Expo volunteers. He stresses that he fully believes that the World Expo, themed as “Better City, Better Life” will exemplify the blending of variant urban culture, the prosperity of urban economy, the innovation of urban technology, the remolding of urban communities as well as the interaction between urban and rural areas. Towards the end of the interview, he wishes Expo Shanghai a perfect success.

(Source: http://www.xisu.cn/news/display.php?id=734&table=news)

(Edited by Sun Xiaoya)

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