Dear young friends,


You are now at a key stage of your life. You need to learn to come out of this stage a better person. Naturally, your upcoming college life here in XISU will be a new start leading you to self-fulfillment.


During the first decade of the new century, with a manifest trend of economic globalization and closer cultural ties between different countries, talents with language proficiency, cultural mastery and a global outlook are in growing demand worldwide. In these circumstances, Xi’an International Studies University (XISU), which was founded at almost the same time as the People’s Republic of China, always abides by the motto of “Patriotism, Diligence, Erudition, Innovation” and an open-minded, internationalized education concept. Development over the past fifty-odd years has facilitated XISU’s transformation from a university focusing on only foreign languages to a teaching-research university with coordinated and balanced programs in international studies, humanities, social studies, management as well as natural sciences. XISU is now an important foreign language training base, playing an irreplaceable role in foreign language education and research in western China and China as a whole. We deem it our fundamental task to serve the economic and social development of the country by producing much-needed high quality talents with excellent language skills.


In the years to come, we in XISU will further join efforts in a spirit of innovation and reform to make the University’s future even brighter.


My young friends, here in XISU, you will be able to cherish each moment and realize every one of your wonderful dreams. Ahead of us will be a mutually-beneficial journey of development and fulfillment!


Sincerely yours,



Dr. Hu Sishe
Xi'an International Studies University



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